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Animator | Seedworld

We are seeking an experienced Animator to work on one of the biggest Metaverse projects ever Seedworld on Unreal 5.3+.

As an animator you will be responsible for creating, maintaining and optimizing character, props, and vehicle rigs and making sure it works seamlessly in Unreal Engine 5. Work with game designers in creating animations for characters, vehicles and pets for Seedworld as well as troubleshooting animations for Unreal Blueprint requirements.


- Work closely with the Game Designer and Art Director in creating locomotion animations, vehicle and prop animations for Seedworld team;

- Maintain existing rig for upcoming characters assets;

- Create custom rigs for new asset classes based on Art Director and Game Designers visions;

- Work with Art Directors, Technical Artists and Developers to understand technical requirements and ensure the pipeline is as efficient as possible;

- Research into new rigging and Unreal techniques and apply to production;

- Ability to develop ideas that will help the longevity of asset use cases throughout the project;

- Actively participate in technical and artistic discussions and problem solving;

- Ability to summarize his work and documentation to make internal and outsourcing communication better for the full team;

- Resolve character animation-related issues;

- Attend regular animation technical reviews.

Required Qualifications:

- 5+ years of Animation experience in the gaming industry with at least one AAA game shipped on PC or console in the last 5 years;

- 5+ years of experience using Maya, Photoshop, Z-Brush, Mudbox or equivalent;

- 5+ years of experience in character, props and vehicle animation related tasks, 

Development experience would be an appreciated plus. (C++ programming, etc.). 

Desired Qualifications: 

- High level of experience in creating variety of specific custom rigs for characters, props, vehicles in Maya;

- Good visual and technical understanding anatomy for skinning;

- Proficient in different kind of animations like character, vehicle, and props;

- Experience with biped/quadruped locomotion and understanding of both IK and  FK features;

- Extensive knowledge of joints systems for Facial rigging;

- Good understanding of various tools, software and game engines used in current gen development;

- Ability to respond to Game designers and Art Directors feedback and/or changes where required and deliver them within fixed time constraints;

- Enjoy the technical challenge and constraints of real-time game development;

- 2 to 5 years professional experience with 2 AA to AAA + game releases;

- Dependable and committed to projects and tasks, and driven to learn and improve as an Animator;

- Exceptional attention to detail, especially with regards to character deformations;

- Has experience in Unreal Engine 5, creating and understanding how blueprint works.

Bonus Skills:

- Extensive experience in creating custom rigs  and skinning in Maya;

- Ability to transfer animation files/mocap from different kinds of skeletons to another  through HumanIk in Maya or something similar;

- Knowledge in Unreal Engine 5 and its Animation blueprint implementation. 


100% remote


-21 days of holidays / year + local bank holidays.

-Sick days.

-Budget for training / courses.

-Budget towards purchasing work equipment such as laptop.