Designer, Brand & Marketing (part-time contract or freelance)

USA - California
San Francisco
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About the job

Conduit – The Onchain Compute Company

Blockchains are not only decentralized ledgers but raw sources of computing power. Like any source of raw power, it must be harnessed and refined for use. Vitalik and the Ethereum team laid out a plan for this refining process back in 2020. Rollups make the Ethereum blockchain more accessible in theory, but in practice building and operating your own chain is exceedingly complicated. To open up development in crypto and the next generation of applications, accessing onchain compute needs to be as easy and reliable as accessing compute in the cloud. We’re making that possible at Conduit.

Conduit is the center for onchain compute. We deploy and operate modular rollups for apps and ecosystems of every size so they can access all the blockspace and throughput they need. With Conduit Deploy, teams can launch their own chain in a few clicks and trust it’s operated, maintained, and updated 24/7, 365 by Conduit’s RollOps team. Then we journey alongside our customers as they and crypto technology grow, establishing new standards together.

We get that building onchain can still feel daunting. So we put experienced Web 2 infrastructure engineers alongside some of the earliest crypto contributors to bring cloud stability to crypto possibility. That’s how we can offer 99.999% uptime as well as day-one compatibility with the latest upgrades like Dencun. As projects scale, our RollOps team ensures their chains scale with them – all the while powered by optimal stack configurations customized to their needs.

But all this reliability means nothing if people can’t access it. That’s why we brought product design and automation to crypto infrastructure. Conduit Deploy allows anyone from hackathon projects and startups to enterprise companies to start building on their own dedicated chain with no rollup expertise or code required. Here they can access Conduit-vetted frameworks, integrations, and scaling solutions all in one place. Even industry-leading teams with highly capable engineers like Zora, Aevo, and Mode entrust us to operate their rollups so that they can avoid spending time and money on undifferentiated development and instead focus on inventing new onchain applications.

History has shown that most advanced tech pulls back and allows people’s experiences to take the lead. It’s time for crypto to advance. For infrastructure to release its grip on applications and for onchain compute to be immediately accessible on-demand. There’s been so much talk about what crypto will do for society. With Conduit, now the tech can finally step aside so app builders can build.

About the Role

As a designer at Conduit, you’ll work closely with our design and marketing leads to own, maintain, and evolve the design of Conduit’s brand and marketing presence across all external and internal surfaces.

Specifically, you will:

  • Design imagery for the Conduit blog and social media channels

  • Create new pages for the Conduit marketing website in Webflow

  • Maintain and evolve Conduit’s brand identity

  • Produce marketing videos

  • Design merch for the Conduit team and friends

  • Contribute to brand and marketing strategy

  • Anything else you think we should be doing

Our design metaphors

What would it look like to treat blockchain as the next abundant source of raw energy next to solar power, wind power, and nuclear power? What would Conduit look like as the leading crypto energy company?

Conduit, along with its integrations, refine blockchain energy into something that’s usable for applications of all sizes. In this sense, we do not produce the energy but refine it and make it usable. We are the Conduit between the raw energy and its usability. We make the power accessible and open it up to use by builders everywhere.

Right now onchain compute is not as easily accessible as it should be. We open up the floodgates so blockchain energy is as abundant as electricity. Just flip a switch, make a few clicks, and you have all the resources you need to build and scale. What does a world where onchain energy is as abundant as trees in the forest look like? How do we make this kind of energy feel abundant?

Conduit does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, veteran status or any other basis covered by appropriate law.