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Level AI

Next-level AI for customer intelligence

Mountain View, California, United States
Computer Software
51-200 employees

Job Types

How do we work and hire in our Company?

Remote: Country


Our mission is to revolutionize the customer experience through the power of advanced AI technologies.

About Us

Our state-of-the-art AI-native solutions are designed to drive efficiency, productivity, scale, and excellence in sales and customer service.

With a focus on automation, agent empowerment, customer assistance, and strategic business intelligence, we are dedicated to helping our clients exceed customer expectations and drive profitable business growth.

Companies like Affirm, Carta, Vista, Toast, Swiss Re, ezCater, etc. use Level AI to take their business to new heights with less effort.

Perks & Benefits

Which type of advantages do we offer in our Company?

Flexible Remote Way of Work

Remote Work

Diversity & Inclusion

We reward the contributions of each person on our team. Take on big projects single handedly and make an impact.

Work With The Best

We strive to raise the bar with every hire. Work and learn from the best minds in the space.


We are learning and growing…fast. If you are passionate and growth-driven , we have a seat for you.

Tech that makes a difference

We believe tech should help humans become better. Help us transform the future of how humans engage with machines.

Lifelong friendship

We value not just competence, but connection. Join us on the adventure and make lasting friendships.


We are looking for folks with the belief, confidence and tenacity to pioneer new experiences for our customers.